Normans Rental Packages

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Brand: Music For Schools

Most parents want their children to have the opportunity to gain as many different experiences as possible as they grow up. How will you ever know if your child has the potential to be a top musician unless they get the chance to try? Even for the majority of players who don't make it to the very top, the enjoyment of playing an instrument, along with the social aspect of performing as part of an ensemble, is something that can last a lifetime.

The only uncertainty is whether music is 'their thing' and our rental packages are perfect for this scenario, allowing your child to try an instrument without making a large upfront financial commitment. They have been designed to offer everything a young beginner would need to get started but with flexibility in case they decide it's 'not for them'.

The Rental Package includes:

  • Hire of Instrument - Complete with case and accessories to get you started.
  • A Music Stand
  • Maintenance Agreement - If the instrument doesn't work, simply send it to Normans and their technicians will fix it for you.*
  • Free Delivery

Payments are made monthly by Direct Debit and after 24 payments the instrument is yours to keep. However, after 3 payments have been made the instrument can be returned to us at any time with no further commitment.

Our Rental Package is only available on selected instruments below

Instrument Monthly Hire Charge*
Clarinet, Mini-Clarinet^, Flute, Cornet & Trumpet £12.00
Alto Saxophone, CH Flute £15.00

What make of instrument will I receive?

The instruments usually supplied on our Rental Package are manufactured exclusively for Normans by Sonata and represent excellent value for money. They have been selected in conjunction with a number of teachers/educators to ensure they are of a quality that will support your child throughout their early years of music making. If for any reason there is a temporary supply problem with the Sonata instruments we will ensure that you are supplied with an instrument of comparable quality.

If your child needs a mini clarinet, please note that the instrument you receive will be a used instrument. This is purely on loan to you until your child is big enough to proceed up to the full size instrument. Once this happens you simply return the mini clarinet back to us and will dispatch a full size brand new Bb instrument to you

How do I register my child for the Rental Package?

If you wish to register your child for our rental scheme, please complete the form below. You will then be guided through the process and instructed to print out and sign our rental agreement. Once the signed agreement is returned to us we will despatch your child's instrument package. Please note that a £5.00 administration fee is payable upon registration.

Please complete the form below to register for our Rental Package

Instrument and Child Details

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Amount to pay 5.0  


* Maintenance Agreement excludes cosmetic/wilful damage and negligence.

^ Please note all mini clarinets are used instruments that are provided to children who are not big enough to manage the larger one. We will swap the mini clarinet for a full size brand new Bb instrument once the child is ready